Saturday, 24 August 2013

Date setting 2021

A bit of fun.

2520 ( which is 70 * 360  as in Daniel 9,  70 weeks given a second meaning beyond the conventional  69 weeks/ sevens ie 483 years up to the cross) times 360 solar years converted to our 365.24 gregorian day years gives us 2483. 8 years.

Decree to rebuild temple AND city  is 457 B.C (artaxerxes   see

So 2483.8  - 457 = 2026.8. Add a year for the year  zero b.c /a.d crossover stuff = 2027.8. Take off 2520  (7 solar years) days = 6.800 gregorian years.= 2021.

That's my guess for the kick off. 2021

However, that still does not tell you the time of the Lord's return - that is an indeterminate period AFTER the tribulation (which is also possibly indeterminate, all comments welcome on this). I may actually refine this clumsy fun, who knows?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

37 and 73 in the Gospel's mention of "Lord"

I found this accidentally the other day, it is from the opening notes to Mark's gospel in the Companion Bible (Hope it is public domain). Anyway, here it is for now

To this special presentation of the Lord, in Mark, is due the fact that while He is adressed as "Lord" in the other three gospels 73 times; b y His disciples 37 times, and by others 36 times ( 5 of which are rendered "Sir"); He is addresses as such in the Gospel of Mark only twice; Once by the Woman(a Greek or Gentile) 7:28, where it should be rendered "Sir"; and 9:24, where "Lord" is omitted by all critical texts (see Appendix 94. VI) as well as bt the ancient Syriac version (see Appendix 94, p 136, note 3). Moreover, He is spoken of as such by the Holy Spiirit through the Evangelist only twice (16:19,20) but that was after His ascension into heaven.

What is going on here? Well, there is a reason and I shall continue on with the quote

To this presentation of the Lord in this Gospel as Jehovah's servant

You see it?  It is because the Lord is presented in Mark as Jehovah's servant. I particularly notice "through the Evangelist only twice (16:19,20) but that was after His ascension into heaven." as emphasizing this distinction (earthly servant duties accomplished).

I shall have to verify all this sometime but for the moment, it looks wonderful.