Saturday, 25 January 2014

Daniel letter count - observations

We have seen in other posts that Daniel is divided by it's Hebrew and Aramaic into three sections.
See for more on this and the gimel zytin, 3 and 7, letter occurrences.

Lets look at the letter count for the last section here, Daniel chapters 8 through to 12;

The total letter count is 8,127 for Daniel chapters 8 -12 inclusive.

8,127 = 7,000 + ( 7 * 7 * 23 )
(Note that 7000 +7+7+23 = 7037)


Now, the first section, Daniel 1:1 to the word syriac in 2:4. (After this, from 'O king' onwards, the text is in aramaic to the end of chapter 7.)

The total letter count is 1492 for Daniel 1:1 to the word syriac in 2:4.
1492 is the gematria for the greek phrase "the last adam".
That sits rather well with the introductory section of Daniel where Daniel and his companions are described.

America cropped up in the previous post (1776 gematria for Gen 1:4). Here she is again, 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


Now the two sections combined:-
This is from Dan 1:1 to the word 'syriac' in Dan 2:4. (From 'O king', in Dan 2:4, up to the end of chapter 7, the text is aramaic).
The hebrew then continues from chapter 8 to 12 inclusive.

The total combined letter count is 9619, which is prime.(the 1187th prime number).
1187 is also the 195th prime number.

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