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Quickly or Suddenly

This post is going to build on the previous post. ( What things must needs with speed come to pass )

The title says it all really - Quickly or Suddenly?

Here is the word itself:-


Neuter singular of G5036 (as adverb); shortly, that is, without delay, soon, or (by surprise) suddenly, or (by implication of ease) readily: - lightly, quickly.

Here are the seven occurrences in the revelation:-
Rev 2:5, RememberG3421 G5720 thereforeG3767 from whenceG4159 thou art fallenG1601 G5758, andG2532 repentG3340 G5657, andG2532 doG4160 G5657 the firstG4413 worksG2041; or elseG1490 I will comeG2064 G5736 unto theeG4671 quicklyG5035, andG2532 will removeG2795 G5692 thyG4675 candlestickG3087 out ofG1537 hisG846 placeG5117, exceptG3362 thou repentG3340 G5661.
    Rev 2:16, RepentG3340 G5657; or elseG1490 I will comeG2064 G5736 unto theeG4671 quicklyG5035, andG2532 will fightG4170 G5692 againstG3326 themG846 withG1722 the swordG4501 of myG3450 mouthG4750.
    Rev 3:11, BeholdG2400 G5628, I comeG2064 G5736 quicklyG5035: hold that fastG2902 G5720 whichG3739 thou hastG2192 G5719, thatG2443 no manG3367 takeG2983 G5632 thyG4675 crownG4735.
    Rev 11:14, The secondG1208 woeG3759 is pastG565 G5627; andG2532 , beholdG2400 G5628, the thirdG5154 woeG3759 comethG2064 G5736 quicklyG5035.
    Rev 22:7, BeholdG2400 G5628, I comeG2064 G5736 quicklyG5035: blessedG3107 is he that keepethG5083 G5723 the sayingsG3056 of the prophecyG4394 of thisG5127 bookG975.
    Rev 22:12, AndG2532, beholdG2400 G5628, I comeG2064 G5736 quicklyG5035; andG2532 myG3450 rewardG3408 is withG3326 meG1700, to giveG591 G5629 every manG1538 according asG5613 hisG846 workG2041 shall beG2071 G5704.
    Rev 22:20, He which testifiethG3140 G5723 these thingsG5023 saithG3004 G5719, SurelyG3483 I comeG2064 G5736 quicklyG5035. AmenG281. Even soG3483, comeG2064 G5736, LordG2962 JesusG2424.

It seems to me that Rev 22:7, 22:12 and 22:20 should be translated as "suddenly".
Indeed, strongs offers it as "(by surprise) suddenly".
Surely that is the meaning as attested to by the "thief in the night" scripture, is it not?

The philadelphian passage, Rev 3:11, could also take this reading of "suddenly"
Rev 3:11, ..., I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, in order that no one take thy crown.
as this appears to refer to the Lord's coming.

The first 2 occurrences in revelation, in the passages to the churches at Ephesus and Pergamos, are to do with discipline and, at least to my mind, not the Lord's return.
"I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick" and
"I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them"
In those cases, "quickly" is perhaps the meaning (as it is probably the meaning in Rev 11:14, too).


Here are the other NT occurences:-

 Mat 5:25, AgreeG2468 G5749 G2132 G5723 with thineG4675 adversaryG476 quicklyG5035, whilesG2193 G3755 thou artG1488 G5748 inG1722 the wayG3598 withG3326 himG846; lest at any timeG3379 the adversaryG476 deliverG3860 G5632 theeG4571 to the judgeG2923, andG2532 the judgeG2923 deliverG3860 G5632 theeG4571 to the officerG5257, andG2532 thou be castG906 G5701 intoG1519 prisonG5438.
    Mat 28:7, AndG2532 goG4198 G5679 quicklyG5035, and tellG2036 G5628 hisG846 disciplesG3101 thatG3754 he is risenG1453 G5681 fromG575 the deadG3498; andG2532, beholdG2400 G5628, he goeth beforeG4254 G5719 youG5209 intoG1519 GalileeG1056; thereG1563 shall ye seeG3700 G5695 himG846: loG2400 G5628, I have toldG2036 G5627 youG5213.
    Mat 28:8, AndG2532 they departedG1831 G5631 quicklyG5035 fromG575 the sepulchreG3419 withG3326 fearG5401 andG2532 greatG3173 joyG5479; and did runG5143 G5627 to bringG518 hisG846 disciplesG3101 wordG518 G5658.
    Mar 9:39, ButG1161 JesusG2424 saidG2036 G5627, ForbidG2967 G5720 himG846 notG3361: forG1063 there isG2076 G5748 no manG3762 whichG3739 shall doG4160 G5692 a miracleG1411 inG1909 myG3450 nameG3686, thatG2532 canG1410 G5695 lightlyG5035 speak evilG2551 G5658 of meG3165.
    Mar 16:8, AndG2532 they went outG1831 G5631 quicklyG5035, and fledG5343 G5627 fromG575 the sepulchreG3419; forG1161 theyG846 trembledG2192 G5707 G5156 andG2532 were amazedG1611: neitherG2532 said theyG2036 G5627 any thingG3762 to anyG3762 man ; forG1063 they were afraidG5399 G5711.
    Joh 11:29, As soon asG5613 sheG1565 heardG191 G5656 that , she aroseG1453 G5743 quicklyG5035, andG2532 cameG2064 G5736 untoG4314 himG846.

They are all but one translated as quickly and that is probably the correct meaning. Note, however, Mark 9:39 where it is rendered as "lightly".
I think it is fair to say, in conclusion, that the rendering should be determined by the context. Should be.

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