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Rev 13:18  This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

Hopefully on this site you can expand your knowledge a little of numbers (or gematria) in the bible, with an emphasis on the book of Daniel.. The basics of gematria are covered thoroughly on the web so I won't go into that. What is happening here is I am using a (home coded) calculator and showing some of the results.

37 and 73 are the basics as they are foundation of genesis 1:1.

'Triads', 'Digit grouping' and 'clustering' are just terms for the same thing eg; take 2,701 then triad/digit group/clusterize it and it becomes 703 or 2 + 701. It is just splitting numbers up into their constituent 3 digit sections which is one of the the foundations of 'our' numbering system.

Factors are simply the numbers that when multiplied together make another number eg 37 * 73 =2701. The factors of 2701 are 37 and 73.

A prime number is a number which has no factors other than itself eg; 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 etc are all primes. Essentially indivisible.

A prime factor is a factor which is also a prime eg; 37 and 73 are the prime (and only) factors of 2,701 (which is the total gematria for Gen 1:1).

The gematria number assignment to hebrew letters is just the most commonly used gematria system. It has a name but I can't remember it just now. The hebrew itself is just what you find in a free bible program. I do a lot of work in Daniel as the numbers indicate the text we have, at least the hebrew, is flawless (not really got to work on the aramaic section much yet - the posts explain the hebrew and aramaic sections) .

Gematria is nothing new but being able to analyse on this scale is newish. It takes only a few tenths of a second for the calculator to process a whole chapter of scripture. It is not database based but you plug the actual hebrew in and it calculates on the fly. For the present it is not publicly available.

The calculator also processes NT greek but the hebrew is far more rewarding as it less prone to error. (I also have not yet coded it to allow for the iota subscipt in NT greek that adds 10 when it occurs). Indeed, every jot and tittle appears to be in place for large sections of the O.T. The Book of Daniel is no exception and in my mind is a proof of it's divine authorship (as Christ attested to Himself referring to Daniel the 'Prophet') . However, notice the difference between hebrew and aramiac in Daniel - the blog clarifies this  distinction which is an important boundary line in terms of analysis and meaning (Jew - hebrew, Gentile -aramaic).

Some posts have data appearing in odd positions - this is due to the intricacies of displaying Hebrew, a right to left written language, while also displaying English. It's a text formatting issue.

Text source:-

I use the Hebrew Old Testament text from a very popular free bible software program. To my mild dismay, I have found a number of other free bible software programs hebrew texts give quite widely varying results.Seeing the pinpoint accuracy displayed in daniel using the source I rely on, I believe that is the most accurate text. Seems a bit like a circular argument but it will have to suffice until I learn a bit more about source texts

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  1. I am trying to understand the meaning of a number I got in a dream last night. It is 185. I can't find the meaning in your website. If you could please email me at srmunsey@cox.net that would be amazing.